ESAB Columbus CAD/CAM Test on Wibu box Dongle Emulator and Duplicate

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products announces the release of Columbus version 1.7, a powerful CAD/CAM programming and nesting software optimized for plasma, oxy-fuel, laser and waterjet cutting. This latest version 1.7 of Columbus offers many new features and updates to make programming easier and more efficient, improve material utilization, increase productivity, and streamline workflow.


  • Fully automated batch order nesting, including using multiple machines, triggered manually or scheduled.
  • Recognize parts that are going to tilt automatically, avoiding torch collisions.
  • Production data calculation based on tool/process technology data.
  • Improved UI by many features influenced by customer feedback.

Columbus software

makes it easy to program various cutting processes, as well as marking and labeling processes.

Intelligent wizards contribute to intuitive operation so you can perform simple and highly complex cuts, labeling and nesting jobs quickly and easily.

Columbus is network compatible.

The software has been developed using the leading

Microsoft .Net standard so you benefit from user-friendly,

standardized interfaces that allow quick and easy connection to your company’s IT system.

For example, a familiar Explorer view lets you easily navigate through your data and objects. New layouts can be created with just a few clicks.

This reduces training time and minimizes the learning curve.

ESAB Columbus CAD/CAM Wibu also supports

Precision Hole Technology with a built-in database that automatically assigns the optimum lead-in, lead-out, and process codes required to achieve bolt-ready holes on mild steel up to 1 inch (25mm) thick.

  • The Layout Designer manages all functions necessary for generating a CNC program or nest (straight cutting).
  • Oxy-fuel, plasma, laser, and marking processes are supported.
  • A wide array of data is securely stored in an SQL database for instant recall that helps streamline your workflow.

ESAB Columbus CAD/CAM Wibu

  • Programming can begin by importing a DXF/DWG file through an import interface that features a graphical preview and automatic cutting tool assignments.
  • To create geometry from scratch, a fully integrated CAD program is available for 2D part construction.
  • Numerous standard features are included for part manipulation, including common-line cutting, cutting bridges, corner loops, pre-piercing, and optimizing small holes.

ESAB Columbus CAD/CAM Wibu Im‐ and export of any data field of the Columbus database related to orders, parts, sheets or layouts including production data.

  • Output in CSV format (fully configurable) or Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Automated list im‐ and export of parts/orders including geometry if available (ERP/MRP interface).
  • All im‐ and exports can be configured by the customer. Fully compatible with Data Leap ERP Interface.
  • Job Wizard allows a high level of nesting automation.
  • Manually started or scheduled orders can be nested automatically and corresponding NC‐Code will be generated.
  • Utilization of all pre‐defined machines and sheets is optimized.

Job Wizard requires the following modules:

  • Layout Designer.
  • Job Control.
  • Automatic Nesting.