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JETCAM software for the sheet metal industry

Since 1986 JETCAM has been developing and distributing the CAD/CAM range, Input, Automation and Industry 4.0 Solutions for sheet metal production.

Whether you are looking for a simple and interactive insertion system or you want a fully automated

CAD import for NC code generation, for complete automation of production cells or for tracking the location and consumption of materials in a shop,

JETCAM has the solution for you.

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We will ask you to send your best hive along with DXF of the included parts and any limitations and we will do a comparison. You can then calculate the estimated savings (based on annual material costs).

CADCAM and nesting for cutting sheet metal and composites

JETCAM Expert CAD/CAM software offers a complete programming system for all CNC punching and profiling machines – including combined machines and machines with loading and / or cutting tools at right angles.

With automation functions such as Remote Control Processing (RCP), JETCAM Expert can be tightly integrated into existing data systems such as MRP and provide feedback on Industry 4.0 (IoT) strategy.


  • JET-Cut and JET-Optimizer are important advances in laser machine automation.
  • JET-Cut allows “fly cuts”, also known as grid cuts, to an array of holes. Unlike other systems,
  • this is done completely automatically. In tests, the cutting time of complex components is regularly reduced by 25-50%.3
  • The JET Optimizer highly optimizes the internal hole cutting sequence to minimize machine movement and at the same time avoid driving through the cut holes.

Case: I-Cherng refrigerator.

As a 1995 JETCAM ALADDIN HARDLOCK DONGLE user, I-Cherng was convinced to use the software with the new Amada fiber laser.

After a month of suffering, they contacted JETCAM and purchased a postal processor and an update to the latest version,

including cutting the flies that JET cut. As a result, they saw a 13.2% increase in productivity, cut programming time by 80%, and increased material yield by 5 to 30%. New – single hit in a series of hits

This new feature is ideal for jobs with hundreds or thousands of unique visits. It optimizes the path of each visit made during automated tool placement and then converts regular, regularly spaced visits into punch lines, which greatly improves the process. Embed.


The automatic tool assignment logic is updated to ensure that only the used multi tool mounts are loaded into the vault loading screen, displayed in general NC code and displayed in reports or report data.

New – high power input 7 (optional)

The HPN7 offers further improvements in nesting efficiency that often pay off in a matter of weeks just to save material.

New compression methods and improvements in multiprocessor maintenance get the job done faster and more efficiently.