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Selco Optiplanning 5.0 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


This Software is the Optimization Program of the Selco Panel Sizing Machine. Which belongs to Biesse. The Undoubted Leader of Furniture Production Machines.
The old carpenters know that a large plate is drawn with a ruler and pencil, of course, it was first calculated first and then cut with a saw. In other words. One plate would be processed in approximately 1 or 2 hours.

So now?

Thanks to this software, the dimensions of the parts to be cut are entered into the program and calculated. Pressing a button and presented and reported to the customer using artificial intelligence in a way. That will give the least waste. In this report. How many plates and how much wastage are shown. It also calculates the margins.

Then, if everything is suitable, it is converted to the machine file and sent to the sizing machine. And the machine starts the cutting process. So how long did this process take? Let’s say right away, it’s only 10 minutes for a single plate to input part. Dimensions into the computer, transfer the machine, and finally cut the machine. The ultimate in technology congratulations.

How to work Selco Optiplanning 5.0

It is a program called Osi, which is the Control Software of Selco Machines. The optimization files we made with Optiplanning are saved as XML and sent to the computer where Osi is located via USB or Network cable. In this way, the cutting process is started after the final control is made. According to the option, Osi detects every piece cut during the run and generates a barcode. The machine operator also sticks this barcode on the cut piece. The program has many modules and versions in itself These are 2 types. Professional and Standard. The modules; Cutting Time Calculation, Data Import, Labeling Data.

Transactions made.

  • Dongle Log received and processed. Inactive modules were detected, Modules Activated. Physical and virtual Backup Tested.