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Vendtec Coinco Global Programmer Test with Unikey Mini Clone Backup

We could not find much information about this program on the Internet, so we will inform you using our own skills.

First of all, let’s talk briefly about the work we do;

The program uses the Unikey Mini Dongle license belonging to SecuTech Company. We made a backup of our customers because of the fear of getting lost. There was a limit on the dongle, this was the usage limit. In other words, when repairing a Machine, ie the Vending Machine, I think it is necessary to make a connection with this program first. Anyway, let’s go back to the limit. This limit was the Usage limit as we mentioned above. When connecting to an Automata, 1 credit was deducted from the program, which is unfortunately not happening anymore.

The reason was that every time the program was started and connected to the automata, the credit was dropped and re-encoded the dongle.

Our action was the DLL emulator. Yes, when the connection is made, the credit appears to be falling, but when we run the program again, the existing credit comes back. The reason for this is that since we made the emulator as a DLL, the Automat software or no software DLLs cannot be rewritten, so the first credit we see when restart comes back.

What is Vendtec Coinco Global Programmer?

Vending machines; It is possible to divide into two as food vending machine and beverage vending machine. Food vending machines, which are included in the food and beverage vending machines as a category, ensure that the food remains fresh. Fresh snack foods are located in different compartments of vending machines. It can be used easily by people placing money on these machines. It is possible to encounter food and beverage vending machines at many points.

What Are The Vending Machine Types?

Vending machines, where you can sell almost anything that people may need in the daily marathon, offer a wide variety of opportunities in terms of business model. Some of the machine types you can choose for vending machines that have the potential to open your way to becoming the boss of your own business by earning daily income are as follows.

  • Hot and Cold Drink Vending Machines
  • Toy and Gift Vending Machine
  • Candy and Gum Vending Machine
  • Massage Automats
  • Cigarette Vending Machine
  • Charge Vending Machine
  • Washing Machine Vending Machine
  • Food Vending Machine
  • Vendtec Coinco Global Programmer

I think this Program is used by every brand on the market to service vending machines. Vending machines save lives, and please treat vending machines well. Let’s think before hitting them, before we break them. These devices are invested and labor is given.

So what for?

Imagine You are waiting at the train station and you are hungry or thirsty, you can easily buy food with your coin or credit card. So let’s finish our article by saying, “ Treat the Vending Machines well ”. Stay on Health.