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SDS2 3D Steel Design Software, Test with FlexLM Dongle.


  • Detailing
  • Estimodeling
  • Load Planning
  • Model Review
  • Site Planning

SDS2 3D Steel Design By Role


SDS2 3D Steel Design What is Structural Steel?

As mentioned above, structural steel is actually an alloy formed as a result of processing iron. Iron can contain carbon-silicon manganese, aluminum, copper, chromium, nickel, boron.

It is an alloy formed with elements we are familiar with the type and proportions of these elements are decided according.

The nature of the steel to be used in the construction. For example, the carbon ratio in the alloy determines the hardness of the steel.

What are FLEXLM and FlexNet

This software uses not the only dongle but also license files.
The license file is produced by the world leader FlexNet systems. FlexNet is an ideal licensing system in terms of modulation and time limit setting.


Creating a 3D model What is 3D Design?

The process we call 3D design or 3D modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of an object. It is possible to obtain the size, shape, and texture of real or imaginary objects using 3D modeling software. The letter “D” in the term written as 3D means “Dimension”. The number 3 represents the concepts of “width”, “height” and “depth”.

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In order to create an object in 3D in the digital environment, we need to draw this object in CAD programs. A suitable CAD program is selected according to the texture of the object to be created and the drawing is completed as solid or organic modeling.

Our 3D Design solutions: Depending on the demand and content, it can be done with the help of 3D-Max, Autocad 3D, Tekla Structures, SketchUp, or similar programs.


SDS2 3D Steel Design Basic Terms in Steel Structure Joint Calculations

  • Shear strength, (bolt shear strength)
  • Tensile strength,
  • Hole crushing force resistance, (bearing strength)
  • Tear strength, (tear-out strength)
  • Shear rupture, (block shear rupture)
  • Strength under shear force, (yielding in shear force)
  • Under the effect of shear force, (rupture in shear force)
  • Yield strength in gross area under the influence of tensile force, (yielding of gross area)
  • Breaking strength in effective net area under the effect of tensile force (rupture of effective net area)