Proteus Zaagwerk Software Test With Aladdin Hardlock Dongle

Saw Optimization

When you have to saw parts from large plates, you naturally want as little plate material as possible to be lost. By using saw optimization you ensure that the system calculates the most favorable layout to cut the parts from the plates.


Creating and processing saw optimization is done in the steps below:

  • Create sawing work
  • Fill in general data for the sawing work.
  • Add one or more materials to the sawing work.
  • Specify materials (fill in dimensions and add options for veneers and edges if necessary).
  • Optimize.
  • Show results.
  • Print result (optional).
  • Control: transfer result to the machine.

Optimizing cutting work

After specifying the material, you can start optimizing. This means that the system calculates the most favorable layout for sawing the necessary parts from the sheets.



Proteus Zaagwerk The material

  • Number of the schedule. Here are 3 schemes. With the arrows < and > you can show a previous and next record.
  • loss in percentage.
  • of plates.
  • Cycles: The number of steps/operations required.
  • The line number. An asterisk means the panel is rotated.
  • The superfluous part (rest).
  • Using additional saw optimization options


Proteus Zaagwerk several options with which you can further specify the saw optimization. This chapter covers details of the various options. The general information about the creation and processing of sawing work is assumed to be known. Please refer to the previous chapters for this.



  1. saw optimization takes the veneer direction into account.
  2. optimization takes sides into account.
  3. You can indicate that you want to layout leftovers first.
  4. use multiple materials.
1. Saw optimization that takes veneer direction into account

You can indicate that the system takes into account the veneer direction of the (wooden) panels.

Forward sawing work directly to the machine

You can do the optimization and the sending to the machine (steering) in two steps, as described in this chapter and in the Sending sawwork to the machine (control) chapter.

optimize and control in one operation via the Produce button.