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The EDGE Estimating Software, Tested with Sentinel HL Dongle Clone.

Builder Built. Pro Preferred.

The EDGE construction estimating software enables commercial subcontractors to prepare estimates with greater accuracy, as well as increased efficiency and consistency. Do a takeoff with precise measurements from project blueprints simply by clicking the screen with your mouse. And because we offer in-depth manufacturer databases.

The EDGE will update your material and labor costs immediately, while also checking for costly errors. So you can bid with confidence.

Acoustical Ceiling Estimating Software

The EDGE professional-grade acoustical ceiling estimating software is designed to save time with on-screen takeoff for both rated and non-rated ceilings. Automatically perform incremental area tile calculations and replicate conditions for room-by-room estimating.

  • Our ceiling contractor software databases are preloaded with industry manufacturers like Armstrong and USG.
  • Designed by experienced construction industry professionals, The EDGE is the most effective takeoff to estimate solutions in the industry.
  • Not only is The EDGE completely customized to your trade, but it’s also customized to your business so that your takeoff sources the exact materials and manufacturers that your business utilizes.

Cost estimation and impact on the Construction project

Cost estimation is the determination and determination of the costs of a construction work. Estimated cost, approximate cost amount, time and cost analysis for the construction of the construction. This quantitative statement is also called estimated cost and cost analysis.

The estimated cost allows making construction decisions. In cost estimation calculations, how much of which material will be used, the purchase and transportation prices of this material are determined. The work and the time they will work are calculated for the qualified and unskilled personnel to work.

The EDGE Estimating

At what stage the machines to be used will be needed, the rental or purchase costs are determined, and how much expenditure will be made for the construction work is determined.

Work schedules are also analyzed to determine the cost of time to work.

Cost estimates are a decision mechanism and should reflect the facts. Wrong cost estimates lead to wrong decisions. Increasing the estimated cost may cause the employer to stop doing the work.

This is a job loss for the producer. Underestimating the estimated costs from the real is not welcomed by the production team and the employer and causes disagreements. Again, for this reason, the work may be interrupted, abandoned and may cause other costs along with various legal problems.

The approximate cost estimation is roughly made costs. They are made at random for the purpose of comparison of work to be done and maybe accepted for that purpose.

However, checking out within the sections is like dishing out the chapters to read.

The cloud is where all your edits are stored. If there was anything to happen to your computer, it will not affect this software.

Example: Multiple building projects approaching a deadline and you need to get the estimates done you can break your job into multiple sections allowing you to have multiple estimators work on the same project at the same time in different sections for the whole estimate faster.

Example: You can break a job into different sections. Allowing you to price building per section. Then if another estimator needs to make adjustments he can access the sections the previous estimator can now compete. That is of course once the previous estimator checks the project in.