Run Software Without Dongle

Yes, you may ask yourself, how is this possible? Yes, it’s possible. As VIP Dongle team, we have virtualized many Dongles in this adventure that we started years ago.

So What Is This Dongle ?

Externally, it is similar to USB flash drives purchased for $ 5, but it is absolutely unrelated. Includes MCU and EPROOM (I’m talking about the new generation dongles.)
The software is protected in this way by using a middleware called SDK.

Although dongle prices are in the range of 20-50 dollars, they are used with company-specific master keys. and the software license fee can be sold for 500 to 50K USD. So when your USB is lost or stolen, they can request this number from you again.

It is completely dependent on the software firm’s mercy.

Run Software Without Dongle

Dongle Emulator Is it legal?

The answer to this question is simple. Both logically and legally. You purchased the software for a considerable amount of dollars and the company sent you the installation DVD and a usb dongle with it. We installed the dongle of the program and started to use it.

So far everything is fine. Well, do we know what will happen tomorrow?

Who Knows..!

Yes, tomorrow Dongle is a product with breakable electronic circuits as a result. You are using it with laptop and PaTT is Broken when you put it in bag without removing it. Another possibility was Stolen via PC or with PC.

Get well soon.

In these cases, except for some companies, 90% of companies will charge you the same license fee again and this is really annoying.

Run Software Without Dongle

So What Is The Solution?

Was there a legal question we mentioned above? Yes, You have the right to Fully Provide Yourself. Virtualizing this USB is your most natural right, It is present in American law and the laws of many countries. Stated clearly on the DMCA site.

Let’s come to the solution, first determine the dongle you use on our site, examine the instructions we offer you in full, send it to us and let us start working from us.

Dongle Brands We Made.

  • Sentinel
  • Wibu – Cmstick
  • Eutron Smartkey Pico
  • Aladdin HASP HL SRM
  • Safenet SuperPro / UltraPro / SHK / Microdog
  • Crypto-Box Marx
  • Microcosm Dinkey
  • Rockey / Rockey4ND
  • Secutech Unikey
  • TDI Matrix
  • Senselock
  • Keylok
  • Deskey DK2 – DK3
  • and All Others

Yes! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have COM, LPT, Parallel, USB, A Softlock Before It Is Late. You can fill in the Contact Form or contact directly by mail. Our technical staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Run Software Without Dongle