Infowood 1992 Kitchen Closet Design Test with USB Sentinel Dongle

Infowood 1992 Kitchen Features

You can see the plan or perspective preview before opening saved projects. In addition to the standard parameters defined in the program, you can define your own parameters in your special projects or change the standard parameters according to yourself. You can work with modules from all catalogs in a project.

You can define the cover model to be used when starting the project either in the current project or in every catalog as default. Ability to create multiple alternative cover models in addition to the default cover model in the same project, Changing the cover model anywhere in the project, Design in both 2D or 3D. Angled, curved, radius, angular, and attic walls. In addition, the first wall and the last wall are automatically joined, later the diver is added, the ability to draw independent walls.

You can delete any wall you want anywhere in the project, add a wall wherever you want, Regardless of the 2D & 3D view, you can play with the wall dimensions as you wish, With the automatic angle calculation feature, you can create or calculate the desired angle in cm in accordance with its exact measurements by simply moving the mouse. Distance, distance, etc. in the plan. You can make measurements and write them on the plan as a comment.


Infowood 1992 Kitchen & Closet Design

1992 can be used by furniture makers and interior designers as a tool for Kitchen and Wardrobe design, presentation and pricing. You can get very good results from your work with its user-friendly, fast and 3D design feature. Its libraries consist of complete and constantly updated new modules.


Bathroom design and sanitary installation

Apart from the Professional Kitchen and Closet design, 1992, it is also used by users in the bathroom sector. In addition to bathroom furniture, you can easily design complex bathrooms that are very difficult to get out of with the tile flooring system. It also calculates the amount and cost of tiles, except for laying tiles.


Store, Hall, Stand design

You can easily design new stores with the closet extension. Since such designs are complex designs, there is a mechanism in 1992 that prevents possible placement errors. After the presentation, it also shows the cutting dimensions of the materials used, the cost and how to cut without wastage on the raw plate.


Infowood 1992 Kitchen Details…

Apart from the ready-made libraries in 1992, corporate companies or users can also make requests for their own libraries. You can even create your own custom library. You can benefit from all kinds of training and advice for this.