Simrad Maris ECDIS9000 Test cloned Sentinel Dongle Key

The Simrad Maris ECDIS9000

MK15 is an IMO-approved navigation system developed for use on board SOLAS vessels where the ECDIS transport mandate is considered a commercial cargo ship and tanker.

The ECDIS900 is easy to use and has an integrated 24-inch flat-screen and a standard interface for Windows computers.

It offers precise navigation with comprehensive tools for route planning and optimization, integrated map management and reservations, universal radar overlays, and optional, highly customizable driving views.

Simrad Maris ECDIS9000 Feautures

  • 24-inch flat-screen with integrated computer
  • Standard Windows interface with keyboard and trackball controls
  • Advanced tools for route planning and optimization with special modules, including SAR planning
  • Precise navigation tools including position prediction and docking support
  • Universal radar overlay
  • Integrated card management with online orders and updates
  • Supports ENC (PRIMAR, IC-ENC, UKHO AVCS), UKHO ARCS, Professional + Charts, AIO (Admiralty Information Overlay)
  • Choose between S-52 and INT1 diagram representations
  • PL ECDIS option with two or three paperless navigation stations
  • Integration with BNWAS, Navtex, AIS, autopilot, and central alarm systems
  • Optional software to display advertisements with custom pages

IMO type approval

The Simrad MARIS ECDIS900 is type IMO / IEC61174: 2008 Ed3 approved and compatible for use on all SOLAS vessels and other vessels that must carry electronic graphics cards and information systems in accordance with ECDIS transport mandates.

According to the changes to SOLAS, all existing passenger, tanker and large cargo ships must start using ECDIS starting July 2012 with a rolling schedule and ending in July 2018.All new passenger vessels over 500 g, tankers over 3,000 g and cargo ships above 3,000 g are needed to transport the ECIDS system.

Training Contents:


  • Overview
  • General User Interface
  • ECDIS Basic Display Features
  • Sensor
  • Chart Work
  • Route Planning
  • Route Monitoring
  • Alarms
  • Chart Maintenance
  • Navigational Tools and Other Related Information