PSIM Professional Test With Sentinel Dongle Clone

When time to market is critical, PSIM power electronics simulators offer unmatched simulation speeds while delivering high quality system-level results.

Even without prior experience, the user-friendly PSIM interface means easy implementation and smooth acceptance in any environment.

More than 20 years ago, Powersim developed its core PSIM design and simulation software to empower engineers in the power electronics design industry.

PSIM offers expert schematics and functions for design and simulation at the system level.

Our software is developed in such a way that it contains many other products besides PSIM. Today we also have additional modules, third-party software integrations, and support for hardware requirements.

Embedded code generation

Let your code be a standalone launcher. SimCoder automatically generates consistent, high-quality C-code from the PSIM control scheme – without human error – to increase the speed of your designs, reduce development costs and bring your innovations to market.

SimCoder generates C code that can be run on specific physical hardware for real-time operation. Here you can see all supported hardware targets.

SimCoder’s automatic coding function seamlessly integrates simulation into hardware execution and significantly speeds up the development and design process.

If no hardware target is specified, the C-code generated by SimCoder can be entered into the user’s system administration code.

Thermal simulation

For switching devices (diode, MOSFET, IGBT), the thermal module offers loss calculation either by the effect of a fixed junction temperature or by heat dissipation via a thermal backup radiator circuit,

which allows you to ensure that your device remains a safe work area. Starting with version 11, you can model various device properties – SiC & GaN – with MOSFETs (Eon). Core loss and PSIM winding for inductors using core size, physical winding structure, etc. To ensure a complex connection is considered an approximate effect.

The loss calculation is thermally dependent and the model uses the junction temperature or core temperature to reflect this dependence.

if you want use PSIM Professional Sentinel student edition ( demo ) please visit this page.