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Cimatron Dongle is not sold on this site. Our task is, if you have an original dongle, we take its backup. This is to take precautions against theft or corruption.

Cimatron CAD CAM Test with Sentinel HL Dongle Backup



Cimatron CAD CAM Dongle Line Offset Along Surface

By allowing a line to be offset across the surface, this new tool maintains the line’s position on the surface along its offset value.

In addition to being able to offset the parting line in 3D on the surface in surface separations with this process, it is also useful for similar processes in mold design.

Feder Design

Added Feder-Rib creation command between Cimatron 15 and CAD commands. Feder provides the opportunity to make our designs much faster and more practically without the need for additional tools in mold and product designs.

Slot Creation

The new Slot creation command, which has been added to the sketch environment, is very fast and simple.

You can convert an existing line into slots or create extensive slots with other features included.Creating a Bidirectional Parallel Plane

In previous versions, it was possible to create a plane parallel to a selected surface by using the Parallel Plane command. With the Cimatron 15 version, it is now possible to create a plane in both directions of the selected surface.

Joining Adjacent Surfaces

The Merge Adjacent Faces feature, which is included in the Direct Modeling – Direct Modeling and Extend Object – Object Extension commands that we use in Cimatron, is to combine adjacent edges while you are just performing the process. This process, which was performed with the surface combination command in our previous versions, allows it to be performed more easily and quickly by adding to the command with the new version.


Composite on Mesh

With the Cimatron 15 version, it is possible to create a composite line over Mesh objects. This feature under the Mesh menu includes options to create different types of composite lines.

Simplify Wireframe – Simplifying Lines

This feature, which has been added with the Cimatron 15 version, performs a simplification process by preserving the form on the lines. Especially the density of the lines transferred into the Cimatron with a different format significantly limits the work. The high number of divisions makes it difficult to select and apply on it. You can solidify lines to eliminate these and similar situations.