NESTi4.0 Analyze Predictive maintenance software Test with sentinel Dongle

Connect your digital factory with Nest i4.0 software suite to harness the power of Acoem’s Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and create a fully integrated predictive maintenance ecosystem. The only predictive maintenance software you will ever need, NESTi4.0 works seamlessly with two of Acoem’s signature vibration measurement solutions — the Falcon portable analyzer and the Eagle wireless sensor for precise vibration measurement data and automatic diagnostics.

NESTi4.0 Analyze

NEST i4.0 is powerful and productive tool to manage the predictive maintenance program It can be managed even without specific vibration knowledge as it includes an automatic setup based on machine kinematic description.

In addition, the ACOEM ACCUREX™ analysis method offers the possibility to get an automatic diagnosis. For the vibration analyst, it is a way to save a lot of time as he/she can focus on machines that really needs to be looked at in details. This analysis is also speed up with dedicated functions.

NESTi4.0 Analyze Machine Builder

Quick and intuitive setup

  • Build complex machines with hundreds of vibration parameters in just minutes
  • Create virtually any machine using built-in or customized templates
  • Compatible with Accurex™ automatic diagnostics
  • Accessible to all staff levels
  • Build what you will see during the analysis
  • Easily add or modify a parameter or signal on one of several measurement points at the same time
  • Create custom complex machines with the use of the custom component
  • Customizable: number of bearings, 1 or 2 shaft outputs, speed ratio for each shaft
  • Free component labeling.

Intuitive machine builder

The machine setup module allows any maintenance operator to easily set up vibration measurements. The machine is described in a very easy way using a simple drag and drop tool. By entering kinematic information (power, rotation speed, and so on) about the machine, the configuration to be used with the FALCON portable data collector or EAGLE wireless sensor automatic diagnosis system can be generated automatically. For any other machine, the only additional step required is to select one of the measurement point templates supplied with the device. Hundreds of diagnostic parameters are created in no time, providing an efficient and reliable monitoring of all critical assets. No vibration engineering skills are required.