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Tektronix IConnect Software Test with Sentinel Dongle Clone

IConnect® package is that the efficient, simple to use, and efficient answer for measurement-based performance analysis of gigabit interconnect links and devices, together with signal integrity analysis, impedance, S-parameter, and eye-diagram tests and fault isolation. With the assistance of IConnect and also the inherent IConnect Linear Simulator, you’ll complete interconnecting analysis tasks in minutes rather than days, leading to quicker system style time and lower design costs.


Quickly acquire S-parameters exploitation Your TDR cathode-ray oscilloscope. Differential, Single Ended, Mixed Mode; Insertion, come Loss, Frequency-domain disturbance. PCI Express, Serial ATA, HDMI, Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet, Manufacturing, and commonplace Compliance Testing together with half mask Tests. Simplified activity Procedure Minimizes Human Errors and Makes Fixture De-embedding an easy Task
Intuitive, Easy, and correct for Serial Data, Gigabit Digital Design, and Signal Integrity Gain Insight into Interconnect Link Performance through Synthesized Eye Testing. Apply business commonplace (PRBS, C-TPAT, K28.5, HDMI, etc.) or User-specified Stress Patterns.

Model impact of Transmitter and Receiver feat on Signal Impairment

Simulate Real-World Signals through disturbance and Noise Insertion live Computed BER, Eye-Opening, disturbance, and Noise and do BER Mask Testing at Any purpose on the information Link
simply Analyze Sources of Interconnect Jitter, Losses, Crosstalk, Reflections, and Ringing Analyze Interconnects at the same time in Time and Frequency Domains Quickly Perform Interconnect Link Analysis and guarantee System-level Simulation Accuracy.

Tektronix IConnect

Tektronix recommends using quality high-performance interconnect cables with these high-bandwidth products in order to minimize measurement degradation and variations. The W.L. Gore & Associates’ cable assemblies, accessible at www.gore.com/tektronix, are compatible with the 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, and 1.85 mm connector interface of the 80Exx modules. Assemblies can be ordered by contacting Gore.


Recommended hardware compatibility

  • DSA8300, DSA8200, CSA/TDS8200, or CSA/TDS8000, with 80E10, 80E10B, 80E08, 80E08B, or 80E04 TDR sampling modules (local TekVISA interface is supported; install and run directly on the instrument)
  • P80318 – 18 GHz Differential TDR Probe. 80A02 module recommended for static protection of each channel of the sampling or TDR module
  • P8018 – 20 GHz Single-ended TDR Probe. 80A02 module recommended for static protection of the sampling or TDR module
  • 80A02 – EOS/ESD Protection Module (1 channel). P8018 or P80318 TDR probe recommended