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ColorGATE Productionserver Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

software package with which you can precisely control digital printing colors and manage print data professionally.

Useful additional functions make your daily production work easier.

And the production server has a modular structure: you can configure the software according to your needs.

Do you want to create a profile? Do you need rights management? We’ve got the right module for you! You save money with our package deals!

Get the right configuration for your needs!

Productionserver 20 Light: Our basic configuration at a reasonable price, with which you can display

PDF, JPEG, TIFF and other file formats in the correct color. Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) and

Pantone color support now exist. Support for Category 1 printers is also included so you can get started right away.

Productionserver 20 Flex-Line: Our most flexible configuration from Select to Pro and

Ultimate to Campaign printing. They all have the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE), which allows you to properly process PDF files,

Pantone support, and functions for gathering forms and layouts – all for an affordable all-inclusive price! You have the flexibility to add printer support from all categories.

ColorGATE Productionserver Sentinel PS20 Ultimate

  • PS Ultimate is a comprehensive four-printer RIP software product for demanding high-quality large format printing.
  • It is suitable for printing and cutting workflows. This product also includes built-in ICC profiling.
  • PS Ultimate includes four or more Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) for automated PDF workflows in digital,
  • offset, and edge-to-edge packaging. Thanks to the integration of the Adobe PDF Print Engine,
  • it is possible to accurately reproduce even the most demanding designs and to achieve transparent or ghosting effects.
  • The focus of this software solution is on integrated ICC profiling.
  • This ensures maximum media flexibility with optimal printing results at the same time.
  • ICC profiles can be created and controlled based on industry standards or individual company standards.

In addition, PS Ultimate supports plotter cutting from leading manufacturers for fast and precise production when cutting film and contours.

The software has a modular structure so it can be expanded at any time to meet new requirements, and is ready to use.

Do you have output devices from Canon, Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh or Roland? Then the manufacturer’s edition is the best for you!

They are optimized for correct color management on special devices and have many practical additional functions such as printing and cutting module, photo art module, cost calculation module, etc.

We also have the right solutions for special applications: Our Special Editions are developed for computer-to-screen (CTS) workflows.

Production server family

The ColorGATE Productionserver Sentinel family consists of highly flexible RIP software solutions

that ensure that it meets individual requirements and configures them when the highest quality requirements are required.

All individual applications offer excellent color management with optimal color reproduction and consistent reproduction at all times.

Whether large format, large format and large format, digital production according to international standards such as

ISO, FOGRA, PSD, Gracol, G7 as well as campaign printing, textile or screen printing as well as printing and cutting –

PS Line-up offers optimal RIP configuration for all types of services digital printing. ColorGATE always uses the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) in its core solutions.