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MVTec Halcon 13 Test With Codemeter Dongle Clone

Highlights of MVTec HALCON

HALCON is your resolution for the complete vary of applications within the field of machine vision Enabler of the economic web of Things (aka trade four.0) giant imaging library of quite a pair of,000 operators Integrated development atmosphere (IDE) for machine vision.

HDevelop vast vary of options as well as deep learning straightforward programming in C, C++, C#, and Visual Basic .NET offered for a large number of platforms Support of multi-core and digital computer computers High performance through utilization of progressive instruction sets and GPU Acceleration Support of many industrial cameras, frame grabbers, and every one common vision standards Features Revolutionary package for 3D machine vision Matching to search out even turned or part occluded objects Blob analysis with quite fifty form and grey price options High-accuracy measurement Optical character recognition and verification (OCR/OCV) willy-nilly formed regions of interest (ROIs) for vital flexibility and speed Detection of lines, circles, ANd ellipses with an accuracy of up to 1/50 element extraordinarily quick morphology Color image process and hyperspectral imaging process of extraordinarily giant pictures (more than 32k x 32k) Image sequence process (e.g., for police work tasks)
correct 3D camera standardization and far additional…


With HALCON 13, MVTec

offers deep-learning-based OCR for the first time: HALCON now contains a new OCR classifier based on deep learning (resp. machine learning) technology, which can be used via a number of pretrained fonts. With these, it is possible to achieve higher reading rates than with all previous classification methods. Further, the automatic text reader in HALCON 13 is faster and now also supports reading of dot print characters.

HALCON 13 also reads bar codes even if large parts of the code are either defective or not visible at all. Additionally, the QR code reader has been improved and is now much more robust against common challenges like blur or distortion.