Head Analyzer ArtemiS Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

Head Analyzer ArtemiS Test With Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


ArtemiS SUITE is that the universal code resolution that enables you to perform just about any task within the space of sound and vibration analysis.
Enjoy the economical and natural advancement at intervals Cynthia SUITE! Our standard code combines all the mandatory tools for ending comprehensive sound and vibration measurements and analyses.
Discover the in depth functions variable from knowledge acquisition and analyses to coverage – all contained in one consistent code setting.
Hearing and analyzing at constant time is that the core of Cynthia SUITE. The biaural technology permits creating use of your own sense of hearing so as to spot noise issues or confirm target sounds.

The start page of Cynthia SUITE offers fast access to the code. begin like a shot your work via the direct access to your favorites (e.g. Pool Project) or via the list of last used files.