Eztitles 5.2 Sentinel HL Clone

Eztitles 5.2 Test With Sentinel HL Clone

EZTitles is a world-class professional subtitling software
for TV, DVD, Blu-ray and Closed Captions
EZTitles is one of the world’s most advanced professional subtitling tools. It offers an ocean of useful features and automations to help you get your work done faster, more accurately and stress-free.

With EZTitles you can subtitle anything – Open/DVD, Blu-ray, Teletext, DVB Subtitles, Closed Captions, Digital Cinema — and deliver your work in any file format your clients may require.

Our stellar shot change detection will help you cue subtitles with an unprecedented accuracy. You can simply skip the non-speech scenes and focus on the relevant parts, and you can even split a block of text into proper subtitles by using the Auto-Adjust feature in conjunction with the Continuous Typing Workflow.

With the integrated cloud services, you can work in EZTitles on any computer you like, and it will feel as if you have never switched from your own workstation.

Finally, when you are done subtitling the video, our comprehensive checks will help you make sure your client gets a flawless result.

And this is just a snap of the power that EZTitles can bring to your fingertips. You will discover much more reviewing the other EZTitles dedicated pages.