Modular Mission Support Systems (MMSS)  Test with HASP Dongle



Modular Mission Support Systems


This software is an application for the Simulation of Really interesting Warplanes. Features MMSS

  • Conflict Simulation
  • Tactics
  • Threat Analysis
  • Discovery Venice
  • It Has Different Features Such As Route Planning.

What is a simulation?


The word simulation, derived from the word written in Latin, means “imitation, similar” when its etymology is examined.

Simulation, also known as simulation; A theoretical or physical real purpose is a technique that after modeling in a computer environment, conducting experiments in order to analyze its behavior or evaluate strategies, and evaluate the behavior of these systems by computer.


Solution transient and Features

Multiple craft routes coming up with conflict resolution, plan of action layers, threat analysis, measuring system, and visual forecasts, advanced image, and intelligence operation detector planning. Uses Aero. graphics, DTMs, and satellite images.Modeling of the newest aircraft, sensors, and weapons responding to the varied mission planning techniques of the client base. The interactive 3D tool uses planned routes, real flight information from the aircraft’s avionics, or a pilot within the loop to do and fly a mission and inform pilots before and when missions.


Benefits to Client

  • MMSS streamlines the laborious process of manually planning air routes for military pilots on paper maps.
  • Via a multi-user network, customers are able to acquire and configure selected, applicable modules, and third parties can develop modules for the system. Fairchild has been able to continuously meet the demanding technical and schedule requirements of the diverse needs of its international customers.

AT Mission Management System (AT MMS), Situational Awareness System, is a state-of-the-art Map-based mission management and planning system. It improves planning and execution of law enforcement, emergency, rescue, and protection missions by enhancing the situational awareness for operators by providing a clear digital map of the mission scene.

With its robust, modular architecture built around a high-performance GIS Engine, the AT MMS delivers graphical data to the screen of the operator. AT MMS offers a wide range of connectivity to various fixed and wireless data networks improving the efficiency of command and control processes.