Transas Navi Sailor 4000 Test with Sentinel Dongle Clone


It is simulation software, designed for those working on board, the map must be uploaded to this Style Software first. And in this region, training can be done as if using a ship.

General Marine Simulators;

  • Bridge
  • Machine 
  • GMDSS 
  • Radar and ECDIS 
  • Warship
  • Sea Events
  • Custom and Safeport 
  • Offshore
  • Ship Crane,
  • Terminal Crane and Special Simulators.


  • Transas Navi Sailor

Ship Simulation software

Ship Maneuvering simulators are available in a variety of scales and sizes to suit specific requirements and can be linked to create multiple ship training centers, each of which can collaborate on the same exercise. It offers educational applications. Setting Up Ship Simulation Systems is a process that requires Knowledge, Skill, and Patience. First of all, it is necessary to master Computer Network Technologies. The reason for this is that when setting up a simulation system, more than one computer is used and these computers must communicate with each other.


For example, while the captain is using the ship at the helm, he has to reach the employee in the boiler room. What should he do for this? Of course, he has to do it via wireless and communication. Or there is a need to communicate with someone on land. There are various communication options.

Of course, these operations are not as easy as we anticipated, all of them must be done within the framework of a rule. All of them are taught with the support of this simulation software and teachers. In these studies, which are generally carried out in the Classroom environment, the Classroom has been turned into a virtual Ship Studio.

The software uses the Sentinel SuperPro Dongle, except Dongland, in the License file. In this license file, there are authorized modules, software and information about the licensee.