Soft-Engine Braker Test With Eutron Smartkey Dongle Clone Backup

Founded in 1994 by Eng. Gabriele Maria Serpilli as a software house for engines, immediately consolidated in the engine market with the design and production of power test benches. The company is still led by the Engineer and his family, flanked by a large and competent pool of engineers and software developers who create, update and innovate the main products on site.


  • We know the secrets of the engine perfectly, which is why our measurements are always valid.


  • We design and manufacture everything internally. A Made in Italy of quality, solid and creative.


  • The technical competence of our team is a point of reference for our customers.

Soft-Engine Braker INNOVATION

  • We intercept market innovations and always respond with updated products.


  • We have sold all over the world and we want to continue to be present all over the world.


  1. The satisfaction and happiness of our customers is our priority. 25 years on the Italian market, a strong impact on foreign markets, and a highly-skilled technical-engineering department technique
  2. Great experience in the motor industry with highly qualified personnel.
  3. Always innovative products and services made in Italy Products entirely designed and made in Italy: high quality, unmistakable design, and customization custom care. Our staff is always available to help you: from product customization to after-sales assistance.

What is it BRAKER?

The Braker 150 is a braked power test bench for very powerful and competitive motorcycles, the extremely professional bench which allows to perform both inertial and braked tests at fixed or variable load, and maps for a maximum power of 300 CV and a maximum speed of 360 km / h. It is equipped with the BRAKER 10 software and an electronic system with a module for acquiring and transmitting data by USB, as well as a driver to manage the electric eddy-current brake, all entirely designed by Soft-Engine the Braker 150 is without a doubt the best power test bench in the two-wheel world.

The Soft-Engine Braker

This power test bench is equipped with a frame equipped with a base with a universal connection, in order to be able to mount the greatest possible number of motors. In addition, it is also possible to try out the complete bike thanks to supporting on the swingarm.


Safe and fast brake test without driving trials

Automatic and efficient test procedure with operator guidance Complete measurement value storage and documentation via EUROSYSTEM, control cabinet. Precise weight measurement with rubber clamping mechanism
Test stand that can be converted into a complete test station.

Technical Data IW 10 PROFI / EUROSYSTEM

  • Axle load 2 t
  • Motor power 3 kW
  • Test speed 5 km / h
  • Length 610 mm
  • Diameter 202 mm
  • Roll center distance 400 mm
  • Power supply 400 V, 3 ~, 50 Hz
  • Fuse protection 25 A slow
  • Dimensions (W x H x L) 680 x 265 x 1,320 mm
  • Weight 215 kg


When you brake, the kinetic energy generated by the movement of your motor begins to be converted into heat energy. When the kinetic energy is completely converted to heat, the event we call stopping occurs. So what happens to the heat?

  • It collects in the relevant mechanisms to be released into the air over time.
  • This is the physical dimension of the braking phenomenon.
  • Now let’s move on to the driving aspect of the event.

Let’s talk about License Protection.

It is necessary to enter a license number according to both the dongle and the PC ID of the program. So it is licensed 2 times. What do you need?

I don’t think it is necessary because to think logically, this software works with a special device. In other words, the Device and Software alone are useless, so there was no need for this. Anyway, our job is to fulfill our customer’s wish and we think we fulfill it too.