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Metamation Metacam

CAD CAM Nesting Software and the ROI of the Generic 3-5%

CAD CAM Nesting is one of the most marketed and focused features but what does it drive and what are the additional benefits? Having worked in the manufacturing arena for many years we have had the privilege of working on many cost-out improvements and one such example was helping a facility take a process that reduced the sheet count from 130 to 69 using the same sheet sizes, parts, and quantities! Nesting played a huge part in this process, with the ability to intermix the parts rather than run a fixed sheet off which gave this project a huge benefit, not just in material reduction but also setup reduction and overall cycle time reduction.

Understanding the Nesting process

The nesting process has several inputs and sometimes more than are actually realized, for example, to achieve a high material utilization a good spread of different sized parts and quantities is beneficial as this will give the nesting engine more options when running its algorithms. Another key factor is priority where the more priorities you place against parts the lower the utilization can be as the nesting engine is limited to the order that the parts can be nested.

Powerful and easy features for CAD Import or Drawing. MetaCAD 2D supports multiple import formats and has its own CAD engine which will allow for easy import/design or adjustments.

Punch Shear / Laser Software provides a complete comprehensive solution for your combination machines, with highly configurable auto tooling and sequencing control you can get the results you need and expect.

Enterprise is a top-level Smart Factory solution bringing together all the features of MetaCAM with the ability to automate and integrate with your business system and truly gives businesses the ability to grow and adapt the manufacturing process, whilst saving time and effort along the way with its key approach on an automated but highly flexible manufacturing system.

2D CUT CAM for Laser, Waterjet, and Plasma-based machines comes with feature-packed and comprehensive cutting databases with highly configurable cutting rules and advanced nesting capabilities.


Comprehensive and Configurable Cut Database

  • CAD error analysis before tooling.
  • Cut Condition to CAD feature or CAD Layer assignment.
  • Gas, Pierce, and Vaporizing assignment.
  • Fly Cut assignment.
  • Etch assignment.
  • CAD Corner to Radius Assignment / Loop assignment.
  • Destruction and Tagging.
  • Lead In / Out and Approach Settings.
  • Feedrate and Pierce Times.
  • Heat Dispersion Options.

All of these can be set as defaults for Machines, Materials, and Thickness, or saved as a specific configuration when required or can be manually applied.

Punch Nesting Software provides a complete comprehensive solution for your punching machines, with highly configurable auto tooling and sequencing control you can get the results you need and expect.