Maptek Vulcan Test with Sentinel HASP Dongle Clone

Maptek Vulcan

the software provides the mining industry with the most advanced 3D geological modelling, mine design and production planning solutions.

More than 19,000 licenses of Vulcan are in use across the globe for applications ranging from exploration, through geological modelling, mine design and planning to rehabilitation. Intuitive tools help operations of all resource types and mining techniques improve productivity.

Vulcan Geology

Geologists can manage, view and validate drillhole data, interpret geological structures, accurately model orebodies and deposits, and prepare resource reports.

Vulcan Open Pit Mine Planning

Mine planners use Vulcan to design, evaluate and maintain daily operations, taking into account economic, technical and operational parameters.

Vulcan Underground Mine Planning

Mining engineers apply a dedicated mining toolset for designing, evaluating and guiding daily underground mine operations.


Vulcan Explorer provides an interactive 3D visualisation and modelling environment to test and validate exploration models. Block models and 3D triangulated surfaces created with Vulcan Modeller, GeoModeller or MineModeller can be viewed and assessed.



Manage and validate drill hole, geophysical, lithological and analytical data in Vulcan, or interface to third-party databases
3D display/analysis of drill-hole data
3D geological interpretation
Compositing for non-stratigraphic and stratigraphic environments
Multi-domain Implicit Modelling with no void or overlap between domains
Model both grade shell and geology domains
Ability to calculate strip ratios from user-defined stratigraphic block model (HARP) variables, limiting a lowest mineable level

Data Transfer

  • Import and export data between Vulcan and other applications
  • ODBC connection to SQL Server™, Oracle® and MS Access™


  • Configure user-defined plot style sheets with title blocks and user prompts
  • Edit and regenerate plot files
  • Set up and generate single plots using a wizard-style interface
  • Generate multiple plots with batch-style interface using existing data specs

Vulcan Data Analyser allows users to gain a better understanding of their geological and analytical data with a streamlined variogram analysis workflow.

Vulcan Data Analyser is available in the Analyse menu of the Vulcan GeostatModeller bundle.

  • Quickly create and modify experimental variograms and apply models to the data
  • Create and apply selection filters and transformations to data
  • Highlight data to check spatial locations of chart outliers and assess their potential impact during resource estimation
  • Integrated with Vulcan unfolding tools, providing additional methods for handling structural and grade-based anisotropy
  • Save variogram properties for use between variograms and projects,
  • Support for block models allows analysis of mine planning data
  • Easily identify outliers and compare distributions
  • View correlation of data in multiple directions simultaneously with fan variogram ‘compass’
  • Chart types include general statistics, histogram, cumulative frequency, scatter, mammogram, P-P and Q-Q