Metrohm TiNet Test with Aladdin HASP KEY


Metrohm TiNet 2.5 Compliant

Extended version of TiNet, which can be configured and run in order to comply with 21 CFR Part 11. In this program version, password protection, user administration, electronic signatures, Audit Trail, and method and determination
administration in a database are integrated. The new and different features of this version compared to TiNet 2.5 are described in these Instructions for Use.

You can always use methods and data created by older TiNet versions.


  1. 794, 795, 798, and 799 Titrinos can be fully controlled by TiNet.
  2. 831 KF Coulometer can be fully controlled by TiNet.
  3. 778, 789 and 824 Sample Changers can be fully controlled by TiNet

Overview of TiNet 2.5 Compliant

Purpose of program

The name “TiNet” is derived from Titration Network. TiNet 2.5 Compliant is a comprehensive program package for titrations. It offers the following


Several Titrinos, KF Coulometers, Sample Changers, Dosimats and

Conductometers can be used in a single method.

IF conditions, messages and requests can be incorporated in the method sequence.

The layout of reports can be designed.

For the performance of the determinations, you use the main window. Here, you control and monitor all important data. You can enter sample data manually or via a connected balance. Sample data can also be entered for future use in (different) sample

data memories (silos).

You are shown the status of the sample processing. Live Titration curves are displayed. You can also perform several determinations at different wet workstations simultaneously (parallel titrations).

TiNet 2.5 Compliant can be installed, configured and used in order to comply to the requirements for using electronic documentation and signatures according to 21 CFR Part 11. For this purpose, the program contains password protection, user administration, electronic signatures, Audit Trail and administration of methods and results in databases.