Mayka Expert V7 Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone / Emulator.

Mayka Expert V7 Test With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone / Emulator.


Mayka is as simply useable by professionals because it is by nonspecialists for quick economical machining and processing.
Its graphic interface makes it terribly sociable and pleasant to use.
The homogeneity of the interface all told the out there functions makes it potential to parameterise machining

in 2D/3D simply for three, four and five axis edge machines and multi-axis robots.
Mayka is compatible with a large vary of CAD primarily based style computer code and digitising systems.
The advanced post processor generator makes it potential to manage every type numerically

controlled edge machines (more than two hundred references ar already available):
second Router’s
3 & 4 axis
five axis all told configurations
Robots with six axis and a lot of
3, 4, five axis machining (4/5 axis positioning or continuous)
Sweeping all told directions
Cutting restricted to the residual kind (excluding toute zone plate)
Automatic identification of the model’s silhouette’s
Z constant line machining
Automatic plane detection for pocket machining
Cutting restricted to the partion line of the model
Drilling, surfacing, core roughing
Optimised roughing and end machining options
Raised angle carving with conelike tools
Projection of textures and styles to make elaborate reliefs
Engraving of second outlines onto 3D models
Automatic feed reduction fully material
Gouge free finishing on any surfaces
Tool pure mathematics collision checking.