Kothari Print Pro Sentinel HL Dongle / Clone / Emulator

Kothari Print Pro Test with Sentinel HL Dongle / Clone / Emulator.


Kothari Print Pro™ – the RIP associated color management package is an industrial strength package for digital printing.

it’s a mirrored image of our relentless pursuit of excellence in making tools and technologies

for color management and color replica. rather than hoping on third party libraries for making our solutions,

we have a tendency to created every little bit of technology starting from color process to printing on our own,

in order that we’ve higher ability to retort to ever ever-changing wants of consumers.

We built technologies to handle giant and complicated information in an exceedingly

very economical and productive method. we have a tendency to wrote our own color process engine, created our own gamut mapping algorithms and color identification engines which will deal not solely with CMYK method however with spot color and white inks further.

As a matter of truth, our Journey to form innovative product for digital printing started with Kothari Print professional. numerous editions of the package as below area unit out there to cater to the individual wants of various applications.