GE ControlST Toolboxst Software V6  and V7 Sentinel HL Dongle/ Clone / Emulator

GE ControlST Toolboxst Software V6 Test with Sentinel HL Dongle/ Clone / Emulator.

GE’s advanced ControlST computer code suite provides the inspiration for the Mark compete

system in a very wide selection of applications, as well as thermal, nuclear, oil and gas, wind, solar, and electricity power.

These various applications embody the management, monitoring, and protection of everything from turbine-generators to entire plants.

Combining the simplest attributes of rotating machinery management with balance-of-plant management,

the ControlST computer code suite offers versatile tools with a typical time-coherent dataset to modify operation and,

scale back lifecycle value. additionally, it supports the newest model-based management technology derived from GE’s

thermodynamical style models to deliver the performance, operability, and responsibility required in today’s connected world.

ControlST integrates very important knowledge throughout the plant, as well as knowledge from external systems that might preferably be inaccessible, and presents it in a very meaningful  context, reducing system prices. Armed with the correct data at the correct time, engineers will additional effectively analyze method trends and modify management computer code, operators will additional quickly answer alarms and operational disruptions, and maintenance groups will pinpoint drawback areas, react proactively, and keep processes on-line.

The ControlST computer code suite includes many superior tools:

WorkstationST* HMI and scholarly person management computer code
ToolboxST* configuration and diagnostic computer code
CIMPLICITY* graphics tools
different packages for economical plant-wide communications, monitoring, and plus management