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LDSWin2 Long Distance Service Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle


The PC software LDSWin is the comprehensive software for the operation, optimization, and quality assurance of systems in refrigeration and building control technology. Thanks to intuitive visualizations, everyone can quickly find their way into the LDS system, from the refrigeration system manufacturer to the store manager.

LDSWin is the PC tool for project planning and remote maintenance as well as the analysis of refrigeration systems and integrated building control technology. The areas of application are diverse and range from modern food markets and discounters to applications in the food industry.

Remote maintenance centers or refrigeration system manufacturers use LDSWin for 24/7 remote control and remote monitoring – sometimes for several hundred systems. For this purpose, the data is queried by the system control center via modem, dial-up, or Internet and evaluated by the software.

Installed on a laptop, LDSWin is the ideal tool for refrigeration technicians in service and for quick parameterization and optimization of entire refrigeration systems.

Active energy management

Due to the growing cost pressure, not only in the food trade, active energy management is a requirement of our time. With the graphic analysis tools under LDSWin, potential energy savings can be identified and measures to increase energy efficiency can be evaluated. This also includes the comparative evaluation of refrigeration systems and the benchmarking of markets for economic analyses.

Intuitive visualization

LDSWin makes complex content understandable through intuitive visualizations. In this way, the current temperatures of individual cooling points can be seen at a glance in a true system representation. A mouse click on a refrigeration unit takes you to a graphical representation of all the operating data and error messages from the relevant refrigeration controller or network controller. Problems can thus be quickly identified, analyzed, and rectified. Trade-related process visualizations are another practical tool for refrigeration engineers.

Temperatures, running times, energy consumption, error messages, and much more are stored on the hard drive by constantly comparing all data from cooling points and network controls. LDSWin automatically displays them in freely configurable diagrams – even over years.