ILive Four Software Test with Eutron Smartkey Dongle Emulator / Clone

ILive Four is a software for audio transmission under windows
ninety eight/2000/XP. It is designed for prime fine reside and information
broadcasting by means of an ISDN base access (2 channels – sixty four
Kbsec) with a 15 kHz audio bandwidth, or of a ADSL
connection. The software may additionally use a PSTN connection
with low bandwith. The verbal exchange can also be bi-directional
using concurrently each channels without worsening the
high first-class or the transmission velocity of the process. This
program variation can be used by means of laptop or pocket book laptop.
I-live desires two predominant hardware accessories: a
Sound Blaster audio card compatible and an PSTN or ISDN
modem (or an Ethernet card in case of ADSL connection).
The coding and decoding of audio indicators is immediately
performed with the aid of the CPU according to G711, G722, MPEG 1
layer II (mp2) e III (mp3) algorithms and Vorbis, while knowledge
transmission on ISDN is performed by the driving force CAPI of
ISDN modem.