STEIGER Model 7.22 Test with Eutron Smartkey Dongle Emulator Clone.


Application to software the machines of the Gemini,

Libra and Aries range.

Designed because the commencing underneath home

windows atmosphere and as a consequence utterly computer suitable,

this software stands on the grounds that long time as a benchmark in the sector.

The simplicity within the production and use of its good judgment symbols

really makes every consumer impartial in the production of his own knitting applications.

The application presents a very fundamental base library that’s being always up to date

and enlarged and that may be freely custom-made by means of the consumer. .

Moreover, the program analyses the pattern feasibility and displays a

simulation of the knitting process, hence particularly serving to the person

to fully grasp the sew structures formation. .

To application intarsia patterns, an intarsia subroutine analyses and optimizes

the simultaneous actions of the 32 available yarn-carriers and for this reason

generates the knitting software to be down loaded to the machine. .

With just a few instructional materials, this mannequin variant permits from a BMP

layout photograph design to mechanically create the whole software even as optimizing

the creation time.The left finish aspect of the displayed window indicates the fashioned graphic

pattern at the same time the correct one indicates the mechanically generated application.

Regardless of the “full automated” alternative, the consumer can always make alterations at each stage.

For instance, he can instantly select the yarn-carriers in a part or in the whole of the program.

Or, he may also decide which knitting image might be chosen or even change the sequence

to let the yarn-carriers inside and out of the intarsia areas.

The outcome might be in any case a file that can be learn,

changed or stored within the model atmosphere.

With the final variant 7.22 , mannequin offers more than a few information,

comparable to a navigator, the probability to set up for every row of knitting

parameters for carriage pace, take-down speed, stitch.

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