BISCO 2D Tested With Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Emulator / Clone / Crack

BISCO 2D Geometry
Conversion of DXF file to 256 colours BMP file, via input of colour

for every DXF layer and input of bitmap resolution 256 colors BMP file involves
geometric description required with the aid of BISCO colours in BMP file are indices to substances
and boundary stipulations.
Thermal houses
Linked to bitmap via colours
materials: thermal conductivity, surface emissivity. Automated calculation of similar thermal conductivity
for air cavities. Optimisation of air cavities by way of detecting
grooves and interconnections surface boundary conditions:
ambient temperature, warmth transfer coefficient, warmth flux.
Multiplied simulation of radiation and convection through use of RADCON module.
Detection of surfaces with extended surface resistance (in edges or junctions between two surfaces)
Line boundary stipulations (constant temperature or flux) in borderlines between two colours

colours with predefined thermal residences when starting
from template file Load thermal homes from material database
Triangular mesh new release situated on mesh size per colour
Calculation of linear thermal transmittance,
and thermal transmittance of a window frame
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