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Libellula CUT CAD/CAM Test with Sentinel Dongle Duplicate and Clone

Modern technology research, “patented” by Libellula

Libellula.CUT’s irreparable level of programming is the result of the best technical thinking in our research and development department and comprehensive efficiency analysis.

The one-click philosophy eliminates the calculation and operational difficulties typical of laser, plasma, oxygen or punching programs to optimize processes using technology that works in perfect synergy.
ISA (Intelligent Shape Analyzer) is Libellula’s awareness. CUT: ISA technology determines the most suitable positioning for the selected mower. The software can work independently on positioning parameters without operator intervention. Unlike regular sheet metal cutting software,

ISA identifies the most effective nesting methods for reducing waste.

In the refined metal market, accuracy and quality make a difference: This is where QLC, Libellula Quality Check, is created, which checks the yield value and only allows entry into the production process up to certain quality parameters. The user presents a result that is unsuitable for a process and the system automatically routes it to production.

The working arm of the Libellula.CUT system is the RTC, that is. ready to cut. The operator just needs to import the file and wait for Libellula.CUT to find the best path and the most efficient mower. The result is the best product in the shortest possible time.

  • Intuitive, integrated, automated across borders
  • Clear controls and hands-on learning panel
  • Features and automatic processing without user intervention.
  • Integration with other CAD, ERP and CAM applications is already used in companies and in other software or software tools to optimize sheet metal cutting.

Perfect for any mower.

  • Tempo-Cyclo-Minimal
  • Maximum productivity in the shortest possible time
  • Automatic control of ISA for specific cuts: multi-head cutting inserts for precise results and maximum quality.
  • Property is always checked by QLC, guarantee of excellence.
  • Each incision can be made using a different quality technology.

Libellula CUT CAD/CAM Dongle

Great results while reducing costs

Cutting the remaining raw material by repairing the nest, which also reduces irregular waste.
Better productivity, shorter time and shorter consumables for a long service life:

By managing the optimal cutting path, you can limit the number of piercings required to achieve the desired results.

Full management
Switch to Libellula – FMS automated path management

  • Closure of scaffolding immediately to facilitate dismantling
  • Automatic control of loading / unloading
  • Automatic sorting programming
  • Collision test

Optimization of company information

Production orders are fast and direct with mod.ORDER
Leaf stock and residue management, always controlled by mod.STORAGE It controls all laser, plasma, oxy, punching and water jet cutting machines with just one click

Not just software, but a real company philosophy: This is Libellula.CUT, a system capable of transforming traditional machining processes into new highly efficient processes, where the highest technology and the most advanced programming are best combined.