Kodak CTP Service Sentinel Dongle

Kodak CTP Service Sentinel Dongle


Kodak CTP features a service diagnostic software package that’s known as “Service Shell”. it’s several tools to resolve

CTP troubles like adornment, what is more ability to line new parameters of Media, Laser, Head and …
As you recognize, this software package wants Service electronic device or Time-Limit Service License to run.

Kodak simply allocates Service electronic device to approved dealer engineers, conjointly

Time-Limit Service License is employed by Kodak individuals throughout remote affiliation to

CTP computers. electronic device Service conjointly features a time limitation and must be updated for the subsequent month by an internet software package

(Service electronic device Manager) that has to hook up with Kodak Server through online User and countersign.

Because of the very fact each ways in which to run Service Shell is proscribed by time and management  by Kodak intensively, our team for the primary time,

generate Permanent Service License for the purchasers that need service Kodak CTP by themselves.
Now it’s time to induce obviate significant service expenditures.


Also Service dongles now is unlimited time. Don’t need any License file.