Notifier Panel Configuration Tool Custom License Key

Notifier Panel Configuration Tool Test With Custom License Key


Notifier’s vary of advanced addressable hearth alarm management panels mix unmatched lustiness with category leading practicality and easy use.

A Notifier system is capable of not solely watching its own performance however adapting to the ever-changing setting among totally different areas of a building.

This intelligent approach to fireplace detection has resulted in an exceedingly vary of stable, fault-tolerant systems which offer uninterrupted protection while much eliminating the potential for unwanted false alarms.

With the NFS-320’s

Auto-program feature, hearth protection may be establishedin seconds. extra programming may be accomplished with the built-inQWERTY data input device or with the VeriFire tools programming utility.NOTIFIER’s proprietary FlashScan protocol combined with calcedony Advanced Detection, featured in each calcedony Series panel, exceeds worldwide code needs for latent period, and delivers a quick and correct response to smoke, monoxide, and/or heat conditions.

The NFS2-3030

Supports over three,000 intelligent devices on 10 communication Line Circuits (SLCs) – good for shielding high-rises, giant producing plants, or multiple field buildings with one panel. once extra protection is needed, the NFS2-3030 may be expanded victimisation NOTI-FIRE-NET™, NOTIFIER’s intelligent hearth alarm network.The standard style of the NFS2-3030 permits approved users to look at and management the systemfrom anyplace within the facility.

Notifier Panel Configuration Tool

most powerful Emergency Communications System (ECS), ONYX® Digital Voice Command (DVC) is meant to communicateone- or two-way emergency messages to people and teams,plus paging with the NFS2-640 and NFS2-3030.ONYX solutions are climbable ECS technologies which will be implementedin phases, and integrated as they’re brought on-line – enhancing continuityand management.

NOTIFIER’s 1st Command may be a compact, standalone voice evacuation and emergency communication system which will be utilized in several common building sorts to satisfy life safety code or user needs for voice or paging throughout an emergency. This integrated system is definitely enlarged to incorporate several of the advanced options found in NOTIFIER’s a lot of refined Digital Voice Command system similar to back up amplification, remote microphones, shielded telephones, native in operation consoles and remote paging units.