Liebherr Diagnostic Software Hardlock Dongle Clone

Liebherr Diagnostic Software Tested with Hardlock Dongle Clone


Control device diagnosticEstablishment  of  communication  with  control  devices  and  display  of  respec-tive   supported   diagnostic   functions.

Access  to  control  device  data,  error  memory,  adjustment  parameters,  vis-ualisation of systems and production of an ECU protocol.


Access  to  the  control  device‘s  long-term  error  memory  and  display  of  the  frequency of error occurrence, environ-mental conditions upon first and last er-ror occurrence, min. and max. values of essential physical input variables


Retrieval and representation of control device data, event meters, 1D and 2D spectra, load spectra and component monitoring


Diagnostics software for various control devices.
Central integration system for services.

Catalogue of predefined available services.
Standard for Liebherr diagnostics systems.
Simple and standardised user interface with enhanced functionality.

Software can perform:

Program travel, steering, brake / inching pedal and hydraulic components.
Read, save, print and delete service codes.
Read and change parameters from the travel electronic.