Myrian Imaging Layer Test with a Custom License Solution.

About Myrian

Myrian  is a software suite intended for the visualization, storage, reproduction and exporting of medical images. Image data may originate from standard DICOM modalities (CT, MR, US, CR, PT, NM, etc.) or digital photography (jpeg, tiff, bmp). Myrian is adapted to 3D imaging.

It enables Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR) of native images as well as real-time modification of the thickness of slice reconstruction. Furthermore, this software supports MIP and MinIP display modes as well as highly detailed volume rendering.

The modular architecture of Myrian  software means it can be expanded to house the optional Expert Modules, a comprehensive range of specialized add-ons such as the XP-Liver module for the automatic detection of anatomical and pathological structures of the liver.

An automatic segmentation of the coronaries and the heart was implemented to optimize the workflow. The cross section was improved and a new redraw dedicated tool was implemented. The 3D view was optimized.
A manual labeling of the coronaries was added.

The Minimum Configuration describes the minimum system requirements for Myrian  to run according to specifications. Although the software may run on systems not matching the specifications of the Minimum Configuration, such cases will not be supported by Intra sense.

Myrian Imaging Layer License

Automatic user log off after inactivity In order to protect against unauthorized use or disclosure of individual health information in compliance with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, in the USA), you are automatically logged off in the following cases:

Myrian and the Operating System remain idle for 5 minutes. In that case, a login dialog box appears asking you to re-enter your password or click “Quit” to close the application. The login cannot be changed.
– When Myrian and the Operating System remain idle for 6 minutes, the application is closed.
– During the initial login when Myrian is started, if no valid login is entered for more than 6 minutes, the application is closed.

You can use the “Quick Profiles” function to create quick access buttons at the top of the Study List for your favorite Study List Profiles. You can define in your Quick Profiles which Protocols or Quick Protocols will appear in the Study List configuration, as well as column and filter settings.