KCDW Cabinet Software Test With HASP HL Dongle Clone and Emulator.

KCDW Cabinet Software

Expect a better starting point with an easier design process. Initial cabinetry layouts can be roughed in using preset cabinet units with hundreds of door styles. Full libraries include frame, frameless and closets as well as wood libraries – all included! Go ahead and size and style cabinetry exactly the way you want to. You can design a complex kitchen job in under 30 minutes with KCD Software.

KCD Software puts a fully-loaded cabinet design studio at your fingertips – in the showroom and on the go. Create custom projects quickly using our expansive library – or design and save your own unique units.

Flexible dimensions and automatic integration between parts ensure your cabinets fit precisely, hold strong, cost less and look great. Sophisticated 3D renderings bring your client’s vision to life.


Streamlined from the beginning


From the moment you start your consult, to the final installed solution, KCD Software provides the technology to help your closet business thrive.

Advanced technology allows designers to embrace creative freedom while manufacturers can relax – knowing the custom manufacturing settings are easily pre-set for smooth machining.

Whether you’re an independent designer, or a manufacturing operation with many designers, you’ll appreciate built-in lean solutions and free phone support to assist you.

Go direct from design to CNC manufacturing. With KCD Software’s One-Button Machining, KCD’s Commander calculates and optimizes toolpaths, maximizes your material yield with True Shape Nesting and generates CNC machine code [G code] for your CNC router.

Production speed and agility. Custom one-off pieces are easily modified in the KCD Parts Viewer. One-click lets you add cut-outs, change the shape of your part, move and remove holes, dados and more – then nest with the rest.


Design, price, sell and manufacture award-winning storage solutions quickly and efficiently with KCDW Software’s fully-loaded, parametric unit libraries. These libraries provide a better starting point when designing custom storage and cabinetry for any room including; closets, offices, garages, entries, laundry rooms, pantries, kids rooms, kitchens, man caves, she sheds and more. Get the efficiency you need along with in-depth customization ability on both commercial and residential projects.