Goelan CAM

Goelan CAM Software Test with Sentinel SuperPro Dongle Clone

The 5th generation of GOelan has been specially designed to be one of the most productive tools in your workshop.

What is the point in creating a high-performance CAM software which only IT specialists can use? Has evolved to meet the needs of mechanical engineering specialists in addition to the technological and economical constraints of your company. Goelan offers you a comprehensive solution that achieves fast return on investment.

Goelan CAM

Your delivery times are shorter:

Maximize the capabilities of your machine tools. Pockets with 100% tool diameter stepover: 40% time gain Optimized incremental passes: 20% time gain Numerous milling cycles for your production process Management of the stock: no air cutting Use of proven cutting condition tables.

Your parts are increasingly complex:

Easily design and import all client files. Import 3D native files Solid design Wireframe and solid machining 5 axes positioning Your product launches are more numerous:

reduce the programming time per part. Rapid and efficient part creation from technical drawings Import and repair DXF files Solid feature recognition and selection of appropriate operation lists

Your programming time is too long:

Machining simulation with rest material control Save and re-use your operation lists Toolpath update after geometry modifications

Machining time calculation

Automatic creation of workshop documents Your maintenance costs are high: With GOelan you avoid unnecessary machine wear. Smooth toolpaths (HSM) and adapted feedrates  Fixture avoidance
Real-time knowledge of the stock: collision detection Your time is precious, With GOelan you are quickly operational. With its unequaled ergonomy, you produce parts after 3 days of training Rapid re-familiarization in case of intermittent use Quick training of colleagues.


Although the Goelan Program is not currently sold, TopSolid software with very wide capabilities developed by Missler Company is used instead. But since the transition from Goelan Program to other new software will be costly and time-consuming, if you contact us before your old dongle is damaged, we will take your backup before it’s too late and put an end to your worries.