Iray Medical Software Test With SuperDog Dongle / Clone and Emulator

Iray Dongle uses SuperDog Dongle. The structure of this dongle is the same as Sentinel HL. Some of the transactions we do are,

  • Time Limit Removed.
  • Some missing features have been added.
  • Removed from demo mode.
  • Backup tested as hardware and software.

What is Iray Medical Software ?

iRay provides medical OEM system manufacturers with advanced X-ray imaging solutions with flat panel detectors. We’ve expanded the DR range with our innovative wireless or tethered detectors for cellular or general radiography. IRay detectors for fluoroscopic applications optimize image quality at the lowest input doses by offering high detective quantum efficiency (DQE). The mammography detector has high resolution images and high frame rates to enable the synthesis of 3D mammoths.


The beam detector for the surgical and cellular systems with the C arm is designed for real-time imaging. With their low-noise sensor design, 16-bit readout electronics, and CsI with direct deposition, they both produce excellent low-dose images for high-end orthopedic procedures, trauma, and spinal interventions.

The innovative IGZO sensor from the Jupi series offers frame rates of up to 90 fps, which means that 3D images allow for better intraoperative visualization and control.


Iray Medical Software detectors

iRay has developed various flat panel detectors with a special a-Si pixel design and a CsI scintillator with direct deposition. All of them offer high DQE, producing excellent image quality at a lower dose for the patient compared to film or CR. All detectors for this application are wireless and feature a reliable dual-band WLAN interface. We focus on optimizing system integration with efficient automatic exposure detection (AED), built-in pixel correction, and reliable data connectivity.


Refer instrument

iRay’s authorized service personnel only. ŸiRay or iRay’s authorized agents provide telephone service and other communication services. Local services are decided by fact. ŸSome services need pay for service expense except components expense. Ÿ

Any unauthorized attempt to repair instrument under warranty voids that warranty. ŸClient must offer product’s serial number. Ÿ

Under warranty, some damages don’t need take any service expense and components expense because of unartificial factors. ŸUnder warranty, some damages only need take components expense and need not take any service expense because of artificialness. Ÿ

Outside warranty, some damages need take service expense and components expense because of artificialness.