PCB Inspection Software Tested Sentinel Dongle Clone and Backup

Basic description

The latest offline AOI models can study a large number of elements, and the minimum components can reach the 0201 chip. In addition, this camera is equipped with a high pixel industrial camera with a wide light source coverage to produce high quality images. In addition, it can reach a maximum speed of 830 millimeters per second with a positioning accuracy of less than 8 micrometers, which guarantees its high production capacity. With the upgraded software system, it can be easily managed and programming methods improved, making workflows smarter and more flexible.


  • Provides complete high precision fluid solutions during PCB coating.
  • With up to three models of selectively adaptable coating machines, all of which precisely apply a selective spraying process to the coating area.
  • UV treatment and infrared treatment ovens are very efficient for temperature control with excellent performance. In addition, manipulation with boards is also available, eg. B. automatic loading and unloading, visual inspection, reject conveyors.

PCB Inspection Software

Three models of adaptable coating machines are selectively classified according to their functionality and performance. By using a 3/4 axis drive mode and 2 standard valves that allow automatic switching and coordination, complex and high-density PCB spraying processes can be achieved. Imported main parts allow system positioning accuracy of up to 20 microns and a fast and stable transmission control system. In addition, the CC-8402 valve can be tilted 45 °, rotated 360 ° and cleaned automatically.

This is a unique design with the exception of the other two models.

  • SMT stands for surface mount technology.
  • A line refers to a production line that can be used flexibly in a factory layout.


Electronicstalk can offer customers a complete SMT line layout solution and help them efficiently select the most suitable machine from the professional recommendations of experienced engineers.