Inspired PowaMaster 14 Test with Sentinel Dongle

A Complete Reverse Engineering process is applied for this software. It uses a licensing system known as Serial, except for dongle. But this Dongle is buried in it. By solving these algorithms, the time limit and usage limit were removed.

What is PowaMaster?

PowaMaster is a PC based program that runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system. It caters for the modelling of balanced, meshed electrical networks by representing the electrical network and equipment in an intuitive user-friendly manner. It also enables the user to model any electrical network easily, quickly and efficiently.

It is a simulation system ideally suited for transmission and distribution networks, substation design and building services applications.


Why PowaMaster over another product?

Simplicity of Use

A hallmark of PowaMaster is its simplicity of use. Using a graphical interface complex networks can be simulated and drawn and being totally integrated with links into the other Inspired Interfaces software suite.
Ideally suited – PowaMaster is ideally suited for transmission systems, large factories and refineries, mines and utility networks.

Data can be imported and exported – OLE links mean data can be imported and exported to a number of different utility applications giving the user flexibility and added power.

Reporting capabilities – Reporting capabilities further enhance its functionality.

Inspired PowaMaster finds application in many of the larger industrial installations, typically:

  • Oil Refineries
  • Mines
  • Steel mills
  • Other large factories

Applications, where there are multiple HV / MV networks PowaMaster, is ideally suited in depicting the network on the ground:

Small and large Utilities

Generation and Transmission Utilities

  • PowaMaster Detailed Features
  • Balanced 3 Phase Technology
  • Long Bus Name Capability
  • Generator Modelling
  • Generator source impedance models.
  • Multiple generator positions.
  • Transformer Modelling
  • Two winding transformers
  • Automatic tap change.
  • Lock all tap change facility
  • Lock selected transformer tap change facility
  • Transformer grounding via impedance
  • Multiple transformers.

Inspired PowaMaster Branch Modelling

Resistance, reactance and Charging (Line capacitance) in positive + zero sequence. Multiple sections within a branch.

Load Modelling

  1. Constant power, current or impedance load types or combination
  2. Load impedance contribution to Faults
  3. General bulk load scaling functionality
  4. Coincidence factor scaling functionality per load