Hypack 2021 Test with Unikey Dongle Clone Backup


With this package, you can equip additional ships at a lower cost. It contains programs for designing research and data acquisition with a single beam. It does not contain any programs for data processing or creation of the final product. However, you need a

  • HYPACK® OFFICE license to process your data.

In the project wizard, you can quickly open an existing project or create a new one using the same or similar settings for surveying, hardware and data acquisition as an existing project. When creating a new project, you can only use settings for measurement, hardware and acquisition (Create new project) or include planned lines, diagrams and most other files without data (copy existing ones).

This new version offers year-long updates and new features, including powerful improvements and powerful tools.

Hypack 2021

Many changes to HYPACK are caused by customer requests or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you during the year. We are very happy to release this new version and hope it will be of use to you.

Here at HYPACK we make sure that our attendees and exhibitors still have great and rewarding experiences.

Our annual hydrographic training event is filled with the latest features of the HYPACK® software as well as training for both beginners and advanced users. This event is a great opportunity to meet our certified HYPACK® trainers and get in touch with 30 of the leading companies in the industry.

  • This time we developed a DLL emulator for Hypack.
  • This dll emulator works generically in all versions.
  • All tests passed successfully. All modules were activated.
  • You cannot download this Program from this site. or you can’t buy it. If you have a Hypack dongle in your hand, we can only make a replacement for you.