Terberg Automotive Software Test with SuperPro Dongle

About Terberg Automotive Software

In addition to the Automotive Sector, Terberg Automotive also develops special modules for the industry. Due to the modular construction of the system, these can be built from small to very large, even for the concrete plants with about a thousand I / O points.

Terberg Automotive designs custom printing for systems where the modular modules are not practically applicable. Thanks to our many years of knowledge, experience and the will to remain innovative, we can continue to provide our customers with high-quality solutions in the future.

Dongle emulation functions:

  • ✔️Digital signed
  • ✔️Unlimited computers can install  ( Don’t Need any Authorization code )
  • ✔️Not have any time limit
  • ✔️Easy Install
  • ✔️Compatible Windows 10 x64 new build