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ETKA 8 Test with Sentinel Hardlock Dongle Clone Backup

ETKA 8 Sentinel

A catalog software that lists the spare parts of some car brands in detail. These companies are generally companies such as Volkswagen – Skoda, Toyota, Seat. The software is based in Germany. The usb dongle owned by our customer was backed up against theft, corruption or loss. The software was running extremely slow with the dongle that we virtualized in our customer’s Controls. We mean the program starts slowly, the response time when calling from the Part number was rather slow. When we received this problem report, we developed an application in addition to the Virtual dongle and it achieved a remarkable speed.

As a result, our customer is happy and we have not received any negative feedback so far. Congratulations to him. If you have a dongle with Etka, let’s get a backup before it’s too late, get comfortable, we are in a world that is not clear what will happen tomorrow.

I will not respond to your requests regarding this software because at vipdongle, we do not sell software at all. If you have a dongle of your own, we can back it up. Please do not ask for more. In accordance with DMCA rules, you can only back up your dongle against the risk of loss, theft or corruption.