CX Supervisor Omron Tested with Hasp HL Dongle Emulator / Clone.

CX  Supervisor is devoted to the plan and operation of PC perception and machine control.

It is not just easy to use for little supervisory and control assignments,

however it additionally offers an abundance of force for the outline of the most modern applications.

CX-Supervisor gloats capable capacities for an extensive variety of PC based HMI necessities.

Basic applications can be made quickly with the guide of an expansive number of predefined

capacities and libraries, and even extremely complex applications can be produced with an intense

programming dialect or VBScript™. CX-Supervisor has a to a great degree basic,

instinctive taking care of and high ease of use.

Bringing in ActiveX® segments makes it conceivable to make adaptable

applications and amplify usefulness.


The Data Log Viewer has been totally re-composed to empower propelled highlights

that empower you to examine the information from your machine initially.

Zoom and Pan effortlessly with the mouse and recognize the correct minute that an issue happened.

Add flat and vertical cursors to spot patterns and screen the incentive for all follows by then.

Presently you can even overlay past information over new information to look at one week against another.

Illustrations Library

The Graphics Library has been essentially enhanced to incorporate new

‘Keen Objects’ which permit items to incorporate activities, livelinesss and related focuses.

Make your own particular library of re-usable articles for your machines and utilize over and over.

A steady look and feel between your NS boards and

CX-Supervisor is presently conceivable as v3 incorporates the illustrations library from CX-Designer.

Picture Support

Support is currently included for JPEG and GIF permitting you to pick the picture you

wish to utilize and now you have the alternative to make part of a picture straightforward.

Metafiles can be changed over into CX-Supervisor questions and altered to suit the application or

added to the illustrations library finish with extraordinary movements and activities.


Coordinated One Click Simulation now comes to CX-Supervisor after its prominence in CX-One.

This empowers your application to be tried utilizing a recreation of the

PLC without deploying to a runtime machine –all with a solitary snap operation.

The CX-Supervisor designer bundle likewise now incorporates a trial runtime,

so there is no requirement for a USB dongle to test your application.


Online Remote Maintenance permits a client to remotely and safely sign into view and alter focuses,

screen and recognize alerts and logs and upgrade the application all with a

standard web program from anyplace on the planet!

Different components

Bolster for FINS Gateway permits you to straightforwardly get to your gadgets utilizing FINs

Gateway 2003 (now included with CX-Supervisor) where the elements of

FINs Gateway better suit your correspondences needs. New pulse

checking the majority of your gadget associations rapidly illuminates you of issues. .NET

Remote Interface permits propelled clients to build up their own application and cooperate

with your CX-Supervisor application. Besides considerably more including enhanced application

investigation and execution screen and another 16 million shading palette control.

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