GPS.Opt 7.55 Test With Eutron Smartkey Dongle Emulator Clone.

Glass Cutting Optimization Software
With the product bundle GPS.opt, LiSEC gives an answer which reaches

out a long ways past the capacities of a glass cutting improvement.

Section of complex protecting glass assemble ups, notwithstanding

considering coatings and steps, are incorporated into the standard.

With a couple of more snaps granulating options can be included,

even to the edges of complex shapes.
Complex shapes and manufacture ups conceivable at request passage
The Order Editor’s realistic see bolsters the quick and simple section

of protection glass manufacture ups with covered glasses and even

strides at the right position. In the event that upheld by the cutting hardware,

it is conceivable to make preparations of the progression consequently.
Improvement of exceptional shapes – TSO
The extra module TSO True Shape Optimization supplements

the glass cutting improvement.

This capacity offers huge potential for sparing cash and material.
Similarity with different interfaces
DXF, CAD, CNC and different interfaces are incorporated into the GPS.opt standard.

By means of institutionalized interfaces, geometry information is gotten,

handled and traded as CNC-code. GPS.opt straightforwardly controls

cutting and edge twisting machines from an assortment of makers.

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