GeoStart Ultimate 8i Test with Sentinel Dongle



The Soft-Projekt company is the creator of computer programs known in Poland and abroad for geology, engineering geology, geotechnics and hydrogeology. These programs, used in many geological enterprises, mines and scientific institutions, are used to create the required documentation and calculations in accordance with the standards and requirements:


GDDK  requirements

All applications are consistent on the level of data exchange and cooperate with each other. Once entered into the database tables, the information is used by all applications, enabling automatic or semi-automatic creation of the required documents and drawings. Data can be shared on the web via FIREBIRD, MySQL or ORACLE databases. Drawings made (hole cards, sections, maps) can be printed on a printer or plotter, saved in several graphic formats (PDF, DXF, WMF, EMF, TIF) enabling their export to Word, Excel, Microstation, Autocad and others.
The offer includes the following programs:

The GeoStar package

is the most popular tool in the country that creates hole cards and cross-sections on the basis of user-entered tables with test and sounding results. Documents are created in accordance with the latest formal requirements (dictionaries, colors, drawing form). For example, CPT charts and dynamic soundings can be applied to cross-sections, in addition to lithological or geotechnical layers, water and soil parameters. The results and documents are stored in the database, which enables teamwork, quick finding and access.

GeoStart Ultimate 8i

a very popular GIS tool in the country for creating geological and mining maps, it also enables modeling of deposits and calculations of volume and resources. Also useful in engineering geology.
GeoSlope program to calculate the stability of slopes with several methods. Works with GeoStar cross-sections.
GeoLab program for soil sample laboratories.
CPT-STAR program, a tool for the interpretation of static CPT / CPT soundings, developed for many years. The software works with the GeoStar package, allowing for example the output of the results in the form of cross-section charts.
CPT-PAL software, an additional module for the CPT software, enabling the calculation of the pile capacity.

From November 2020, GeoStar 8 allows you to work directly from home on the basis of the office (via the Internet).

The advantages of the software include acceleration of documents and calculations up to five times as well as their full archiving in electronic form together with the test results. The results developed by one application can be automatically applied to another, e.g. a water level model developed by GeoPlan can be applied to a cross-section developed by GeoStar or a slope cross-section made by GeoStar to be used in GeoSlope when calculating the slope stability.