PIXEL STUDIO Jaquart Test With Aladdin Hardlock Clone


is the professional programme for the creation, modification and composition of Jacquard and Printed Fabric designs.

It has been totally renovated, with new options and tools so as to create and develop

new designs more easily and prepare co-ordinates, colour variants. It prepares the colour separation for Printed Fabrics,

with halftone and watercolour effects. For Jacquard Fabrics it provides a wide range of specialised tools for the pattern reading of a design.

With PIXEL ATLAS you will have the whole group of colours that you can obtain with your printer.
All colours are classified and referenced by RGB, CMY, HSL code, and are sorted on pages that the user can configure.

This way you can select exact and directly the colours in the same way that they are going to be printed.


This way you will be able to choose exact and directly the colours in the same way that they will be printed.

PIXEL STUDIO Jaquart shows in an instantaneous way all the fabrics in the most suitable photo-realistic setting. For that reason it is an indispensable help for all traders in fabrics. Besides, with PIXEL SHOW it is possible to prepare a virtual catalogue with thousands of proposals with no need to invest either in fabrics or in the development of models and prototypes, so that the fabric manufacturer can save plenty of time and money in the preparation of catalogues. All this makes PIXEL SHOW the best interactive three-dimensional simulation programme.

To prepare any picture to apply on its elements (beds, tables, curtains, sofas, clothing,…) a fabric so we can evaluate and to appreciate the aspect of that fabric in the chosen atmosphere.
For this, PIXEL FORM, has intelligent tools for, in a simple, quick and functional way, create the grids that give volume maintaining the realistic aspect of the original image. The pictures prepared with PIXEL FORM can be used afterwards with PIXEL SHOW.