Freedom EVOware Test with Sentinel Hardlock Dongle

Freedom EVOware

  • Simple, intuitive, and flexible process control
  • Operation is straightforward; the intuitive Freedom EVOware user interface optimally combines pipetting, robotics, and scheduling of multiple devices in a single package.
  • The software uses icon-driven, drag and drops implementation screens to guide protocol development for users at any skill level.
  • It comes with helpful information pads, application templates, creation wizards and three-dimensional protocol simulation.

Process Security

You can be sure you know what’s happening to your samples with Freedom EVOware’s process security features.

The built-in sample tracking module tracks and reports on samples for simplified LIMS integration and password protection, audit trails and checksums help to detect and prevent unauthorized access.

What is Automation?

The shortest answer that can be given to the question of what is automation is to design the functions of the machines or systems whose functions are determined according to their features, and to implement all the operations automatically according to their own setup after they are built, without the need for human beings. These applications always create a cyclical work by repeating at the end of certain processes. In this way, all sortable and repeatable operations can be performed automatically without requiring any human intervention.
Automation Systems

Automated systems can be fully human-independent (fully automatic) or human-dependent (semi-automatic). As automation systems become independent of humans, the level of automation increases and becomes more complex.

Automation Equipment

Automation equipment can also be of different types, depending on the size of the work to be done, the number of signals received and given, and the transmission speed of the signals. The PLC selected for the machine with 10 signals and the PLC selected for the machine with 1000 signals also differ. Likewise, a driver that can only control the speed and the driver that can switch to different speeds at the same time must be of different types.

The basic rule in automated systems is to give commands according to the received data. Although comments can be made in computer programming languages, there are conditions rather than interpretation in automation programs and these conditions must be sequential. If one of the sequential conditions is not fulfilled and the actions to be taken when it is not fulfilled are not specified as another sequential condition command, the system stops itself and goes into alarm. For this reason, it is very important to get the data correctly and to set the conditions correctly. Otherwise, the system cannot work efficiently.