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Schneider Andover Continuum Software Test with Sentinel UltraPro Dongle Clone



CyberStation, a complete user interface for the Andover Continuum building management system, can be used to commission, configure, program, and monitor all Infinite and BACnet devices, sensors and outputs in the network. Provides true security integration (access control, intrusion monitoring, and digital surveillance), power monitoring, life safety, and climate control in a single user interface.

Schneider Andover Continuum CyberStation configuration examples and explanations:

Single User (or “Standalone”) CyberStation Software is typically used in smaller sites where the system database resides on the user workstation.


Smart Home System What?

Smart home systems; It is the whole of home automation devices known as Smart Home technologies that we produce for you to experience comfort at the highest level in your home, providing Entertainment, Lighting, Climate Control and Security.

Smart Lighting

Thanks to the smart lighting system of your smart home, you can change the ambiance according to certain times of the day or on a room basis.

Climate Control

Wireless Control4 thermostats make it easy to control temperature depending on operating hours or outside climate. When the sun is hitting your home, you can save energy by closing the curtains first.

Schneider Andover Continuum Security

You will feel safer with a quality surveillance system. With IP control, snapshots from your cameras are in your pocket as Control4 notification. Get notified as soon as something happens in and around your home.



Enjoy your home sound system whether you’re watching movies or listening to high-definition music from the most popular streaming services. Moreover, if you wish, you can send these sounds to other rooms with a single touch.


Forget Cliches About Smart Home Systems

For many years, the idea of Smart Home Systems was like a dream that seemed hard to come by. Automatic control of electronics, lights, heating/cooling systems, garage/entrance doors, curtains and blinds in your home seemed like a luxury that could only be found in sci-fi movies or available only to the very wealthy.

Smart home systems, which seemed impossible a few years ago, started to enter our lives gradually thanks to developing technology and cheap sensors. While thousands of people provide energy savings, comfort, safety and security thanks to smart home automation, they enjoy automating daily operations with smart devices in their homes.